6th Kup (Green)

Signifies the plant of Taekwondo taking root and growing

Grading up to Green belt

Make sure to ask in class if there’s anything you’re unsure about!


Fitness Test

The fitness test aims to ensure that students meet the physical requirements to progress to the next level. The expected level of fitness increases the higher the belt. This is the first part of the grading and students will be expected to perform their techniques after it.



Students are expected to be able to demonstrate a sufficient level of self defence for their belt. This includes technical proficiency as well as attitude toward self defence. Students are expected to show that they would be capable of defending themselves successfully.

Basic Level – Defence against Haymakers and wrist grabs


Line Work

Line work will include the following:

  • Axe kick
  • Fingertip thrust
  • Ridgehand strike
  • Backfist strike




Students will spar with one another.
NOTE: The purpose is not to ‘win’ in grading sparring, it purpose is for the student to show what they have learned. This should include displaying grade appropriate technique, control, movement, attack and defence.


Do San

It has 24 movements. Ahn Chang-ho (November 9, 1878 – March 10, 1938) was a Korean independence activist, education reformer, and one of the early leaders of the Korean-American immigrant community in the United States. He is also referred to by his pen name, Dosan (도산]). 



There is no one-step element in this grading.



The colour of your belt signifies the plant of Taekwondo taking root and continuing to grow.
You could be tested on the form of techniques you are being assessed on, or have already been assessed on in previous gradings.




There is no destruction element in this grading.

Self defence videos (yellow tag to green belt level) 


Do San

He established the Shinminhoe (New Korea Society) when he returned to Korea from the US in 1907. It was the most important organization to fight the Japanese occupation of Korea. He established the Young Korean Academy (흥사단) in San Francisco in 1913 and was a key member in the founding of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea in Shanghai in 1919. 

Ahn is one of two men believed to have written the lyrics of the Aegukga, the South Korean national anthem. Besides his work for the Independence Movement, Dosan wanted to reform the Korean people’s character and the entire social system of Korea. Educational reform and modernizing schools were two key efforts of Dosan. 

Ahn was also the father of Hollywood actor Philip Ahn, well-known for his portrayal as Master Kan in the David Carradine television series Kung Fu.

Do San


Axe Kick

The chamber is similiar to a snap kick, although the knee must be drawn off-centre in order to provide space for the kick. The point of impact is the heel as the leg is pulled downwards.

Fingertip Thrust

This uses the same hand shape as a knifehand strike, but you strike with the tips of your fingers. Thrusts are typically aimed at soft parts of the body, especially those that lie between harder parts such as the throat or the solar plexus.

Ridgehand Strike

This strike is very similar to a knifehand strike, but uses the other side of the hand, the ridge. Keep your hand rigid and your thumb tucked safely under. This is a full arm movement: resist the urge to flick the wrist.

Backfist Strike

This is a sideways-moving strike that typically arcs around towards the target, striking with the back of the knuckles. Keep your arm straight rather than turning your fist over as your would for a normal punch.